We Would Like To Thank

The VFL website is powered by Omeka, a content management system built and maintained by the Center for History and New Media, and designed for scholars, museums, libraries, archives, and enthusiasts. The site uses a number of plug-ins, developed by both the CHNM and by other users, including: Contribution, Geolocation, SimplePages, SimpleContactForm, IntenseDebate Comments, YouTube, and Social Bookmarking. The site takes advantage of several existing 3rd party services, including the Google Maps API, the YouTube API, Google Calendar, and IntenseDebate.

The VFL website is using the Omeka Theme "VoicesForTheLake", designed and developed for the project by a local Burlington web development firm, Webfluency. The project team also developed an enhanced Contributions plug-in based on the original Omeka plug-in, a YouTube plug-in to help simplify hosting of submitted videos on YouTube.com, and made changes and enhancements to the GeoLocation plug-in.

ECHO has released the VoicesForTheLake theme, the YouTube plug-in, and source code for GeoLocation and Contribution modifications under a GPL license, enabling others to learn from and build off of our work in their own projects. Visit the Website Related Downloads page to obtain these. We are also making available the full source code for the exhibit at ECHO, including plug-ins developed to work with the exhibit, and detailed documentation on the exhibit. Please contact us at voicesforthelake at echovermont dot org if you are interested in using any of these products.

We are very grateful for two local folks who we found through Twitter and Flickr that kindly donated their photographs for the core website design. We found Matt Maydick on Twitter sharing great photos of his adventures in Vermont. His photos appear on this page, the Browse page and the Affect page. More of his photos can be found on Flickr. We found Martha Macy on Flickr who shared her foggy boat dock photo seen on our Connect page.

A number of folks met with Project Manager Bridget Butler to lend there advice on all things from video capture and interviewing to website design and social networking including, Candace Page, Eva Sollberger, Seth Jarvis, Janet Fouts, Johnathan Butler, Edward Shepard, Bill Simmon, Cathy Resmer and Efe Cimirin. Thank you!

And, right before our launch we asked people to help test the site by uploading content and giving us feedback as we watched them navigate the site. A big thank you for these people who help us work the bugs out and gave a little of themselves through their stories for our kickoff! Kiley Briggs, Kevin Macneil Brown, Edward Shepard, Cathy Resmer, Becca Rimmel, Todd Carroll, Chris & Holly Veiders, Travis Cook and Jenn Karson.