God of the lake

God of the lake
This contributor to the Voices for the Lake exhibit at ECHO responded to the prompt: Has Lake Champlain ever scared you? How? Why?

80 Million years ago a meteorite hit the earth at lake chamlane. Not the one the killed the dinosaurs no. This one was much smaller. In it, frozen in suspended animation was masive reptile who was aweakened and hid inside the lake for millions of years. On the last remaining pice ofthe meteorite was a profercy writen by the aliens that sent the beast to earth.
"One day on the third world of the small yellow sun, the Champ will find his mortal and the lake shall be named".
Champ, one day found a sailor and comunicated to the man.
" I am Champ, this is my lake. You Will name this lake after me."
And so The lake was named, and Champ has only revealed himself to a few humans ever since.