kidding around

This contributor to the Voices for the Lake exhibit at ECHO responded to the prompt: What is your favorite memory of spending a day at the lake?

when i was a kid growing up on staniford road out the north end of burlington, my brother and i would hop on our bicycles and ride down to the lake. there was a little path thru the woods that local kids knew about where we could stash our bikes in the bushes and walk thru a slightly muddy trail, where a few boards or sticks had been placed to make passage easier.
when we got thru the 'jungle", as we called it,there was the sandy beach..with no houses close around...we would play along the shore with sand and driftwood, our youthful imaginations running wild.we would swim and try to catch minnows with our towels. it was a marvelous freedom, with no adult parents had taught all 8 of us kids to swim from a very early age,and the water was shallow for a long way out..our only instructions were to stay together,the buddy system,and to be home for supper at 5 oclock.
i treasure those carefree summer days and as an old woman now realize how very special that time was..even though i think i knew it subconsciously even then...