The following tutorials created by the Vermont Folklife Center’s media team will provide you with great tips to help you capture your story. Click on the links for each to watch a video tutorial.

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Capturing Your Story on Video
Learn some basic do’s and don’ts shooting with a video camera with Paul MacGowan. This tutorial includes tips on keeping the camera steady, shot composition, using available light, and getting good audio.

iMovie Editing Tutorial
This brief tutorial shows some of the basics of iMovie editing including importing, trimming, sequencing and adding narration. Tutorial by Paul MacGowan


Capturing Your Story with a Photo
Go on location with local photographer, Ned Castle, as he explains his approach to capturing stories in the field. Learn tips for engaging your subject, capturing the action, and thinking creatively behind the lens.

Selecting Images
Stories can be told using single images that stand alone or groups of images that work together. Learn approaches to final image selection that will help guide your creative decision-making process. Tutorial by Ned Castle.

Presenting a Single Image
Including a caption often enhances the storytelling ability of a single image. Learn some useful considerations when attempting to pair written words with an image. Tutorial by Ned Castle.

Making a Slideshow
A slideshow is one of the simplest and most compelling ways to tell a story using multiple images. Learn how to create/export a slideshow using the software tool, iPhoto. Tutorial by Ned Castle.

Making an Audioslideshow
Adding audio to a set of images can help enhance the story you’re trying to share. Learn how to add an audio component to a slideshow using the software tool, iPhoto. Tutorial by Ned Castle.


Capturing Your Story with Audio
This screencast offers a brief introduction to making stories with sound. For links to more detailed information about audio production and free software, click on the links below. Tutorial by Erica Heilman.

Free audio editing software:
Audacity download: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/download/

For general articles on all things audio: